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Lord's Seed is a leader in providing quality agriculture products to our customers. We are a family business that is driven by the need of feeding the world. We will build a good name and endeavor to leave a legacy of hard work, financial stability, and generosity.

who we are

Lord's Seed is a family owned farming operation located in Howe, Indiana.

We are a production company, producing crops ranging from seed corn, seed soybeans and hay. We also produce commercial corn, commercial soybeans, wheat, greenbeans.

why choose us

Welcome new Managers: Over the past two years we have hired a total of four new managers. Hay Manager: Clint Emenhiser, Seed Corn Specialist: Dustin Pagels, Production Information Manager Lupita Seymour, LSSL Manager Ryan Seymour.

what we are doing

We are gearing up for a good year"! "Our people have stepped up to the challenge to increase production". "We will be starting in the fields as soon as the ground breaks". "LSSL is new and will allow us to specialize in small lot production.

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Phone: 260.562.2233
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Located in Howe, Indiana