John Deere TractorsTractors

We were able to trade in our old equipment to upgrade to new John Deere tractors. Along with better fuel efficiency and less repairs and maintenance, we hope to grow operator satisfaction through these warrantied tractors. The equipment cost with these new tractors is less expensive per acre.

New Advances in IT

Please check out and “like” our new Facebook page and Twitter feed. We are incorporating social media to help us keep our current customers, future customers, and our community up to date with the happenings at Lord’s Seed.

As a part of technology upgrades, we have moved from Trimble to John Deere systems for our field technology. This will allow us to move the technology from tractor to tractor with ease. The RTK base network which our local dealer already has in place will help us improve field efficiencies, data collection, and operator satisfaction.

Fuel Station

Lord’s Seed has been given the opportunity to build a fuel station. The construction has taken place right at our farm location. This station will be equipped with cloud-based data reporting and swipe card technology. Cloud-based reporting is an internet storage of data which will provide the company with accurate fuel usage data. The new station will permit for efficient fueling to take place and less congestion in our shop area. The fuel station will only be accessible for Lord’s Seed employees.