What’s New, April 2014

Tractors We were able to trade in our old equipment to upgrade to new John Deere tractors. Along with better fuel efficiency and less repairs and maintenance, we hope to grow operator satisfaction through these warrantied tractors. The equipment cost with these new tractors is less expensive per acre. New Advances in IT Please check [...]

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Featured Employees, April 2014

We have some really great employees at Lord's Seed. We appreciate their hard work and dedication and like to honor them by telling our readers a little about who they are, what they do, and why we are grateful for them. Wayne “Fergie” Ferguson Wayne has been employed with Lord’s Seed for 16 years. [...]

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Our trucking division is prevalent throughout each and every season. They are relied on heavily throughout the entire year to transport products. With the help of seven over-the-road trucks and three local farm trucks we are able to haul seed corn to and from dryers located throughout four different states. The use of several straight [...]

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Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture is made up of multiple facets, the first being soil fertility management. We grid soil sample every field every year. Our on staff agronomist evaluates the results and gives recommendations for application. By using university tested and approved software every field has a prescription to dictate application. This is a very important link [...]

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